At first sight, is quite a reputable writing service, at least their website design is good. On a second check however, it is not difficult to notice that there are some drawbacks associated with the site as well. For example, while scrolling through topics, the pages load slower and you are not able to find that quickly whatever you are looking for. So let’s have a look at the other features of

Services team of writers offers the following types of services on their site: Essay Writing, Dissertation Writing and Other Services including proofreading, Legal Practice Coursework, Research Trail, Power Point Presentation, and Reflective Practice. Of course, some of these services sound quite vague, such as Reflective Practice. Or, within the Essay Writing services they have a different charging schedule for Essay Skeleton Answer Service, Report Writing or Coursework writing. At major, reputable writing companies all these services fall under the same category and they are not charged separately.

One extremely important thing to mention is that writers deliver work only in UK English, so if you need US English papers here you will not find the help you are looking for.


On average, charges higher prices when compared with other trustworthy essay writing companies. They have an Instant Price tab where you can check out how much exactly you have to pay for your paper before placing the order. They don’t display per page prices that you can see instantly, but instead there is a quick calculator available that you can use to see how much your paper will cost depending on length, topic, special additions and so on. Not so practical, considering most essay writing companies advertise clear, see through prices charged for each type of page written.

Discounts and Special offers does not advertise any direct discounts or free features that customers can enjoy when placing their order. Many highly reputable companies advertise up to 30% off your first order, or relevant discounts for longer papers (101+ pages). only displays a Guarantees page, where they tell you they deliver plagiarism free work, marked to standards and delivering always on time. Respecting the deadlines is a standard guarantee, and not a discount or an extra feature.


The company displays all the contact details right on their page, and you can even visit personally their team of writers at the physical location of the office. Other than that, there is live chat available on the page where you can contact writers directly and ask your questions.

What’s Special About this Service?

The website design is very attractive, and the fact that you have all the contact details is an important factor as well. However, they charge much higher prices and their work is available only for UK English standards… which are some of the main drawbacks.

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