Essay writing

Essay Writing

So, you have another important paper to write, but this time you want to try going through the entire research and writing process instead of outsourcing it to essay writing services. That’s a really smart decision! Academic writing skills will make you a better professional in any industry, so you can only benefit from the time you spend in research and practice.

Now, let’s see: your teachers are asking you to write papers, but they don’t give you any tips that would make the writing process shorter and more effective. Don’t worry; that’s what we’re here for.

Tips for Writing Perfect Essays

1. Just start!

The biggest problem that students face with academic writing is called procrastination. You keep convincing yourself that there is plenty of time to write that paper, but guess what: there isn’t. Start as soon as you get your professor’s guidelines!

When you get the topic and the broad guidelines, you usually get a sudden hit of inspiration and a starting idea. If you delay the start of the essay writing process, you’ll lose that spark. So, update your Google calendar with a plan: research and write something every day until the deadline. When you approach the process progressively, you won’t be burdened by it and you won’t freak out right before the submission date.

2. Don’t skip the pre-writing stages

Your decision to skip the stages of brainstorming, research, and outlining is pure self-sabotage. No, you won’t finish the paper faster if you skip the pre-writing part. In fact, you’ll only get confused with the chaotic ideas in your head, so you won’t be able to write a clean, comprehensive paper.

Start with some brainstorming. You can use online mind mapping software to keep track of your ideas and present them in an inspiring visual format. If you don’t get any great ideas, conduct a preliminary research that will give you the inspiration you need. Once you think of the main direction, you can proceed with in-depth research. Keep track of all resources you plan to use, since you’ll need to reference them.

When you collect enough resources, make sure to draft an outline. It will guide you through the writing process, so you won’t lose the logical flow of your paper.

3. Focus!

When you finally get to the point of writing an essay, you’ll need to get rid of all distractions. The world won’t come to an end if you stay away from Twitter for few hours. Block all online distractions and stay focused on the writing process. A single distraction will cause you to lose the inspiration for writing and the creative flow you achieve.

Do not edit while you write – thinking of grammar and spelling is another distraction to avoid at this point. Just write as you think.

4. Clean up the mess

When you finally have the first draft of your paper, you’ll need to edit it to perfection. Don’t rush into this step, though. It’s best to leave some space between the writing and editing stage, so you’ll approach the content without being too attached to it. If editing is not your forte, you can hire an essay writing service to take care of that part.

Remember: regardless of your current writing capacity, there is always space for improvement. You can boost your writing skills through practice, so you’ll definitely benefit from the tips listed above.

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